Physical Disorders Associated with Psychological Distress

Brain decline and dysfunction• Peripheral artery disease• Osteoporosis• Sexual dysfunction• Bowel and bladder incontinence• Muscle loss and general bodily weakness• Chronic pain• Osteoarthritis• Visual and hearing loss• Cancer• Wrinkles and other body image factors• Varicose veins• Obesity• Diabetes• Physical deformity• Dry or damp palms• Hand tremors• Sexual dysfunction• Insomnia• Headaches• Asthma/Bronchitis• Epilepsy• Alcohol problems• Arthritis•Continue reading “Physical Disorders Associated with Psychological Distress”

What is Emotional Regulation?

“Emotional regulation refers to the process by which individuals influence which emotions they have, when they have them, and how they experience and express their feelings. Emotional regulation can be automatic or controlled, conscious or unconscious, and may have effects at one or more points in the emotion producing process.” (Gross et al. 1998). JoinContinue reading “What is Emotional Regulation?”