Ways to Apply the 3-to-1 Positivity Ratio

There are a lot of ways to seek a 3-to-1 positivity ratio in your life. Here are 10 tips on how you can bring more positivity into your life to balance out the negativity bias: 1. Rewrite the story your negativity bias tells you.  2. Look for the opportunity in the difficulty.  3. Broaden your scope. 4. Flip Mother Nature’sContinue reading “Ways to Apply the 3-to-1 Positivity Ratio”

The effect of trauma

The overall effect of trauma can be described as “loss of sense of aliveness, motivation, excitement, and purpose.” In brain scans of 18 chronic PTSD patients (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), the researchers discovered something startling: there was almost no activation of the “self-perceiving” areas of the brain compared to non-traumatized subjects: the medial prefrontal cortex, anteriorContinue reading “The effect of trauma”

The Memory of the Trauma

The memory of the trauma acts like a splinter in the mind – it is the body’s reaction to the foreign body that becomes the problem, not the object itself. From a neuroscience perspective, imaging studies of the brains of trauma patients usually show abnormal activation of the insula. The insula integrates and interprets informationContinue reading “The Memory of the Trauma”

The Body Keeps The Score

When your caregivers regularly ignore your needs, you learn to expect rejection and withdrawal. You cope by tuning out their hostility or neglect and pretending it doesn’t matter. But the body keeps score: it remains in a state of high alert, ready to ward off blows, deprivation, or abandonment. One of the most devastating effectsContinue reading “The Body Keeps The Score”

Physical Disorders Associated with Psychological Distress

Brain decline and dysfunction• Peripheral artery disease• Osteoporosis• Sexual dysfunction• Bowel and bladder incontinence• Muscle loss and general bodily weakness• Chronic pain• Osteoarthritis• Visual and hearing loss• Cancer• Wrinkles and other body image factors• Varicose veins• Obesity• Diabetes• Physical deformity• Dry or damp palms• Hand tremors• Sexual dysfunction• Insomnia• Headaches• Asthma/Bronchitis• Epilepsy• Alcohol problems• Arthritis•Continue reading “Physical Disorders Associated with Psychological Distress”